Early Cooperation in Criminal Cases

Posted by on May 2, 2014 in Criminal Law

If you are being charged with a criminal offense, you usually don’t have notice of that until an officer or Sherriff is knocking on your front door.  But, in some circumstances, if the police department is still in the preliminary stages of their investigation and have yet to decide whether or not they are going to charge you with an offense, you may find yourself in a unique position.  The earlier you cooperate with the investigating police department, depending on the charged offense(s), it may be more likely that you will be able to reach a favorable settlement.  If a police officer contacts you in an effort to collect information related to an incident, contact an attorney right away.  Your attorney may be able to find out ahead of time if complaints against you will issue, therefore, may have the opportunity to accompany you to the police department to turn yourself in.  This will not only spare you the stress of being arrested in front of your family or coworkers, but also, will demonstrate to the prosecuting officials that you are willing to cooperate in an effort to resolve the issues at hand.