Collaborative Law

Collaborative Practice

collaborative-law-nashuaCollaborative Practice is a voluntary, client centered process to get divorced respectfully without going to Court.  Collaborative Practice in New Hampshire uses a team approach.  The team consists of lawyers, coaches and financial professionals to assist the family in reaching a mutually agreeable solution.  The team strives to provide clients with the support, information and structure they need to reach agreements that are voluntary and of maximum benefit to the family.

Collaborative Practice is distinguished from a traditionally litigated divorce by its core elements, which include the willingness to negotiate a mutually- acceptable settlement without using the court to decide any issues; engaging in open communication and information sharing; and the creation of shared solutions that take into account the highest priorities of both clients. Learn more: Article in NH Bar Journal by Attorney Jane M. Schirch about Collaborative Practice.(PDF)


“Your professionalism and compassion for our case will be forever appreciated.” — T.G.